Element Nil.
Lifespan 20-150 years.
Diet Omnivore
Strength 4/5
Agility 3/5
Intellect 3.5/5
Magic 0.5/5

Habitat: Adaptive, prefer mild regions.

Social Structure: Goblin social structure is commonly considered more army than civilization.

Reproduction: Goblins reproduce sexually, and though they are compatible with lutin, the two will not mate, as both parties believe it will weaken the offspring, so although they do often share romantic relations, they find one of their own kind to procreate with. Males are very paternal, and will often adopt orphans of any race, including humans. Females feel maternal urges only for their own offspring.

Appearance: Short, round humanoids with green skin and knobby features.

Magic Use: Goblins prefer not to use magic, but have the capability to use rituals. They are not very powerful, however, and must find an external source to supply the power needed for any rituals they might attempt.

Additional: Pessimists who prefer using axes in combat. They are very military-oriented in culture, even in times of 'peace', and organize their entire culture around military rank. They have orcs as slaves, and their allies, the lutin, are rumored to be a subspecies of goblin. Goblins are eager to work with other monsters, save the harpies, who are their rivals.

A goblin would die before he betrayed his commanding officer, and would even kill his family (unhappily) if given the order by an officer he respected highly. Despite this, the males are very paternal, and a goblin male is likely to adopt an orphan before the blood is even cleaned, even if the orphan is a human.

Goblins are highly proud, and never willingly breed with humans. If a female is found pregnant with a human's child, the female is put to death. If a male has had relations with a human female, the female will be abducted and her child will be aborted forcibly under intense drugs, and returned to her home. The male will be neutered, so that he can still serve in the army.

For goblins, the army is everything. Their main goal as a people is to gain their own lands by whatever means possible. They are a desperate race with dropping numbers.

Their primary habitats are in Vraitrasse, Axevrai, and Feytoute. Those found on the mainland are usually in very small groups, typically foraging parties. They avoid Aridefort because that is where the strength of Saldecla's army lies.